We have a few programs here at Turtles Of The Caribbean. There are donation options that help support any one of these programs. You can specifiy the program to donate to, or just let us decide which program needs the most help!

Any amount helps!

*Recurring Donations may be sent to most in need programs


Funds sent to the most in need programs.


Necessary supplies for Rescues/Networks to ensure they can continue their programs. Wish list on Amazon also.


To assist with fees associated with the care of turtles in rehabilitation at rescue sites and hospitals for long and short-term care.


Vulnerable nests are relocated to provide safe hatching and release back at nesting sites.
Any amount helps, but for $100 your name will be placed on the nest and a picture with information on the nest will be sent via Email.

Sponsor a Volunteer

Sponsor volunteer trips and programs to facilitate stability and growth of programs throughout the Caribbean. Share best practices among Rescues/Networks to increase the nesting sites, environmental health and share knowledge.

$1500 per volunteer needed on initiatives – any amount will help to get our volunteers to the most critical areas of need.

Day Camps/Community Education Initiatives

Funding for Children Day Camps and Community Outreach programs to educate about environmental and economic impacts on local fisheries, marine life and eco systems in the Caribbean.

$1000-2000 per week needed for approx. 80-100 children in Day camp, any amount helps the programs

Donate via Our Square Page

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“There is no greater feeling than saving a life that you know can never repay you”unknown

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